Physical Therapy

Cassandra McHenry

Cassie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ohio University. She then completed her Master of Physical Therapy in 1998 from Ohio University, receiving the Award of Recognition for Outstanding Clinical Skills voted on by Physical Therapists and teachers. Her work experience includes outpatient and acute patient care at Akron General Medical Center. She has also worked locally at Adena Regional Medical Center in acute and outpatient settings at Heartland of Chillicothe. Cassie resides in Chillicothe with her husband and two wonderful daughters.

What does a Physical Therapist do?

Physical therapy focuses on improving muscle (soft tissue) flexibility and strength, joint biomechanics (movement), and proprioception (positional awareness), resulting in increased balance, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and improved posture. Physical therapy reduces pain and dysfunction by correcting postural and muscle imbalances, eliminating muscle spasms, trigger points, and fibrous tissue adhesions. These all can be achieved through a specific sequence of exercises, manual therapy, and modalities individualized for each patient and their unique condition. Our physical therapists develop individual treatment plans for each patient’s condition.

Is Physical Therapy for me?

Physical therapy requires commitment and effort on the patient’s part. It involves active participation of the patient in the clinic 2-3 times per week (30-45 minutes) and home exercises daily. The duration of therapy varies per condition but on average consists of 4-6 weeks. Patients who participate as advised by the physical therapist receive the most benefit from their rehabilitation program.