Exercises to Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

One way to be healthier can be to enhance your flexibility. Being more flexible can help lower your risk of injuries, improve your ability to stay active in your day-to-day life, and increase muscle blood flow, among other things. Our chiropractor at Hanes Total Health Care Center in Chillicothe, OH, can give you high-quality advice and treatment if you need it. Read on to learn about some exercises to improve flexibility.

Practice Yoga

According to a study, after doing eight weeks of yoga, people increased their flexibility by 35%. Indeed, doing yoga poses stretches your muscles, reduces stiffness, increases your ability to move, and boosts energy. Some of the best yoga poses for flexibility include the pyramid pose, downward-facing dog, crescent lunge, and warrior. You can start learning basic yoga poses by joining a class or following tutorials online.

Try Tai Chi

Tai chi not only boosts flexibility but also improves balance, builds muscle strength, and provides aerobic benefits. Indeed, tai chi can be better than simple stretching because it involves your entire body in slow, steady movements. Plus, you can avoid stress on the muscles. This can make it perfect for making your body more flexible. If you feel like you need or want to try something different, a chiropractor has experience in performing physical therapy techniques or can help you do corrective exercises.

Do Pilates

When you do Pilates, you're strengthening and stretching out the muscles. And this increases flexibility. Since Pilates works out the entire body, you'll be increasing flexibility and strength in the core muscles, hips, shoulders, back, hamstrings, side body, and front body. Doing Pilates can also aid in preventing injuries, increasing energy, boosting immunity, improving cognitive function, decreasing stress, and much more. A few Pilates stretches for better flexibility are the spine stretch, mermaid side stretch, swan, wall roll down, and hip stretch.

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