Dry Needling

dry needling Understanding Dry Needling

Dry needling plays a significant role in treating the soft-tissue discomfort. This therapy is especially helpful for individuals suffering from pain related to trigger points, which are muscle knots that cause pain due to tension and knotting. The name for this therapy refers to the slender needles which are used to stimulate and release trigger points beneath the skin’s surface. This therapy is beneficial for several soft-tissue problems, among them:


  • Contracture
  • Adhesion
  • Inflammation
  • Microcirculation

Dry needling is especially useful in treating the effects of overtraining, delayed-onset muscle soreness, and swelling from acute trauma such as sprains. It plays an important role in achieving wellness after injuries and surgery, in increasing systemic myofascial balance, and in treating muscle overuse and muscle contracture and spasms. Patients with tension headaches, TMJ, whiplash, spinal disc issues, joint problems, and migraines also benefit from this therapy.

What Patients Can Expect


Our doctors and therapists may include dry needling in a customized treatment plan following an initial consultation. This visit includes a comprehensive exam and an evaluation of your health history, symptoms, and complaints. 

Needling reaches portions of muscles and other tissues that chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy cannot access. The procedure includes inserting thin filiform needles into each identified trigger point.  Once the trigger point deactivates, patients can expect reduced pain and an improved range of motion. While some comment that they felt a twitch response after treatment, others experience no sensation. Others report feelings of relaxation.


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At Hanes Total Health Center, our goal is to help patients return to optimal health and improving their quality of life through holistic medicine services.  In addition to dry needling, a customized treatment plan could include services such as physical therapy, lifestyle advice, chiropractic care, and stretch rehabilitation. For more information on dry needling or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (740) 772-5957 .


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