Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Advice & Guidance at Hanes Total Health Care Center

What you put in your body has more of an effect on overall health than you might realize. Not only does good nutrition and adequate food intake help you feel alert and healthy, but a healthy diet can subtly support your body in terms of joint and muscle health. However, general nutrition advice can be insufficient for patients since everyone is different. That's why you deserve nutritional support and advice personalized to your health care needs. Our team at Hanes Total Health Care Center in Chillicothe uses nutritional counseling to offer our patients customized options to improve their health and wellness through optimal dietary care.


What Is Nutritional Counseling?

Patients understand that what they eat can either make them feel energized or sluggish. However, your diet also has longer-term effects ranging from weight control to how resilient your joints and muscles are. When the body doesn't receive a supportive diet, it is more susceptible to pain and long-term health problems. We educate patients about which foods they should eat and other healthy lifestyle habits as part of our holistic care.

How Does Nutritional Counseling Work?

During a patient's nutrition consultation, we evaluate their daily eating habits and nutritional intake. We will also analyze a patient's medical history and current health to fully understand what nutritional advice and guidance they need. We know that there is no single nutritional plan that works for everyone. That's why we work with our patients through several sessions to continuously modify their diets to ensure optimal results.

More than Just What You Eat

Because holistic medicine focuses on the entirety of the body operation instead of just parts, nutrition is a key component in improving your overall health. However, eating food is not always the best way to intake the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal performance during daily activities. Therefore, our team will advise certain supplements for you to take to benefit your health and wellness.

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Anyone looking to improve their health and overall body function will benefit from nutritional counseling. We combine nutritional advice with holistic medicine and chiropractic care to help patients on their journeys toward optimal wellness. At Hanes Total Health Care Center, our chiropractors offer their years of training and experience to patients in the Chillicothe area wanting to return to living pain-free. Contact us today to learn about how we can support your nutrition or the various services we have to offer. 


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