Physical Therapy

Accidents and injuries are a common part of life. No one is immune to accidents or injuries, whether that's from a sports injury, auto accident injury, or even a work injury. If you suffered from an injury, chances are you may want physical therapy in order to help fully recover. If you've been suffering from pain, either acute or chronic, following an injury, it may be best to contact a chiropractor for help. A chiropractor on our team will be able to start rehabilitation and physical exercises to help you regain strength and reduce recovery times.


At Hanes Total Healthcare Center, we are here to help you feel better and enjoy the recovery process. We can offer muscle rehabilitation for pain, and other  techniques to reduce recovery times and reduce the chances of reinjury. To find out more about how we can help you, read on below.

Do I Need Physical Therapy?

Although many people will have an injury that heals on their own, it can be important to reach out to a doctor pr therapist on our team if you are experiencing severe pain, your injury doesn't seem to be going away, or your pain gets worse. If you're now suffering from chronic pain from an injury that occurred over three months ago, this is a sign that your body still needs time to recover. It's also a sign that you might need a help in order to determine the root cause of your pain.

Whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe injury, it can be important to treat these injuries with the utmost care. Not doing can put you at risk of injuring yourself again and increase your recovery time.

How Can Muscle Rehabilitation Help?

We may conduct a series of tests, a physical exam, and even order imaging tests to determine the extent of your injuries. Soft tissue injuries may need help to heal. One of the best treatments at we can provide for soft tissue injuries is muscle rehabilitation.

Physical exercises can help strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and range of motion, and get the muscle back to its original form before it was injured. We might also suggest other techniques, such as chiropractic adjustments and muscle massages. These can help alleviate stress and muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and boost circulation in order to help promote healing.

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