Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, and How It Can Help

People who have been injured face the reality that while the emergency room and hospital can take care of the immediate needs with sutures and casts, the road to full recovery involves a lot more work. This is why physical therapy is imperative to providing you the exercise treatments needed to support your healing while avoiding scarring and permanent limitations. That's why our team at Hanes Total Health Care Center in Chillicothe is here to help.


Guided Healing

When soft tissue and bone are damaged, they begin to heal right away. However, if not set properly or treated regularly, these parts of your body will heal incorrectly. This creates less ability to move correctly and increases the risk of a repeat injury in the same location.

Physical therapy involves treatments and procedures aimed at the particular part of the body in need of proper healing. Joints and bones develop their strength again, and muscles heal with minimal scarring, allowing them to work normally in the future. The proof is in the results. People who consistently stay on top of their physical therapy regimen see better results in the long run. Our team will ensure you receive the physical therapy you need for healing.  

Treatment and Application

Our chiropractors and physical therapist's approach to treating pain and discomfort focuses on the patient's muscles, nervous system, and skeletal structure. We are particularly adept in dealing with cases where people have suffered injuries in the neck, back, joints, leg, or arm. Our approach focuses on where a person's health was before the injury and exactly what happened to the body during the event itself. Treatments can vary from guided exercises to muscle manipulation or re-alignment of the body and working joints. Again, our attention pinpoints what is needed to get the body functioning correctly.

Contact Us for Physical Therapy Treatment in Chillicothe

If you've been in an accident, injury, or have a condition that requires physical therapy, our team at Hanes Total Health Care Center can help. We are well-versed in physical therapy for all kinds of conditions and injuries, as well as for extended recovery and rehabilitation. Whether it was from sports, a car accident, or a slip and fall, we can find the right treatment for you. Call us at (740) 941-4444 to get started on your wellness journey in Chillicothe. We'll set up an initial appointment and evaluation at your convenience. 



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