Stretch Rehabilitation


What is Stretch Therapy?

Our stretch therapy program encompass a wide range of stretching techniques that are all structured at addressing stiffness in the muscles and joints.  Our stretch therapist will run you through a 30 minute session of table assisted stretches and massage gun treatment. These stretches will focus on areas specific to you that are experiencing tightness or areas where your range of motion is limited. You can also combine stretch therapy with other areas of our practice such as our chiropractic care, physical therapy and strength and conditioniong. This combination will allow your muscles to be more relaxed which can lead to a greater relief during adjustment. It also can help prepare you for your physical therapy appointment, which can help ease your recovery process and even reduce your recovery time. Implementing it in our strength and conditioning program will allow you to have greater mobility which can prevent injury, and it will help your muscles recover after your workout. 


What Are The Benefits? 

Stretch therapy offers a wide range of benefits. Those benefits include;

- Stress relief/Relaxation

- Improve joint mobility/ flexibility

- Unlock tension in even the deepest layers of tissue 

- Improved physical preformance

- Decrease risk of injury

If you are interested in learning more about our stretch therapy program, 

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